Best Juicer Machine: Juicer vs Blender

Best Juicer Machine: Juicer vs Blender

When people decide to get on detox diet, one of the biggest dilemmas they encounter is whether they should use a blender or a juicer. The truth is they are both good options. Each one has its own benefits. The one you should choose depends on your goal, health, and digestive system. The main difference between a regular juicer and a blender is when you use a juicer the juicer separates the pulp from the juice, when you blend the pulp stays in the juice. When you use a juicer the insoluble fiber is kept out of the juice, which slows down your digestion. The insoluble fiber is the fiber that promotes laxative effect, so if you suffer from diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, or celiac disease juicing will be a better option for you.

Juicer vs blender – which one is the best?

The benefit of juicing is the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables get into your blood stream right away, while blending slows down the process of nutrients entering into your bloodstream, but it prevents the blood sugar from rising. So juicing is a great option if you want fast absorption of nutrients, slow digestion, but it might be a bad idea if you have diabetes. If you have diabetes consider blending as an option as it keeps your blood sugar levels low, it gives you a slow and sustained release of nutrients, and both insoluble and soluble fibers stay in your juice, which leads to a healthy and a regular digestion.

There is a difference in the texture of the juice produced from a juicer and the texture in the juice produced in a blender. A juicer as the name says it gives you a clean juice, a blender in the other hand provides you with a squashy drink. Well, only the best manual juicer machines are better for juices made out of wheatgrass and vegetables like broccoli, kale, collard, spinach, etc. Blender is better for making juices out of fruit.

Blender vs juicer – Pros and Cons

So the pros of using a juicer are:

– you absorb nutrients faster;
– the juice from a juicer slows down your digestion;
– it makes more juice out of vegetables;

The cons of using a juicer:

– you have to chop your fruit into pieces before putting them into the juicer;
– the juice increases your sugar levels fast;
– with a juicer you get less fiber;

The pros of using a blender:

– it produces squashy drinks, perfect for smoothies;
– it is better for making fruit juice;
– the juice out of blender increases your fiber intake;
– a blender makes you full longer. It decreases your appetite;
– it aids weight loss;
– you don’t have to chop things before using;
– it prevents fast rise in sugar in your blood;

– you can add ice as a part of your drink;

The cons of using a blender:

– less nutrients;
– the peal in fruits has pesticides, so you get pesticides in your drink;

So, if you’re thinking about the questions: Blender vs juicer? Vitamix vs juicer? – What’s the better to buy? Think about that whether you are juicing or blending the most important thing to remember is to drink the juice instantly. After 15 minutes of blending or juicing the nutrients start to diminish. Which is one of the biggest scams of juices sold in stores. Even if the juice sold in stores is produced from real fruit, all the nutrients are lost in less than an hour after the production. Another reason to consider making your own juice.

Recent research has found that long term use of vitamins and minerals sold as supplementation cause cancer. With the best juicer for wheatgrass or a blender you get all the necessary nutrients for proper functioning of your body from natural sources.
Important things to take into consideration when buying a juicer or a blender. Choose a juicer or a blender that doesn’t heat up during the juicing or blending, make sure it is produced from stainless steel, not from plastic. Some manufacturers produce even the manual wheatgrass juicer machines and blenders from polycarbonate plastic, this plastic emanates bisphenol A, a cancer causing synthetic hormone. Make sure the juicer or blender doesn’t let air slip by, as air and heat destroy nutrients.

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