What is a masticating juicer?

Best Masticating Juicer

Juicers are not only beneficial for preparing our favorite juices. As we live in such a busy world, we need to do everything fast. Chewing our food fast is actually not a good idea because our stomach will work harder to crush the food and there will be some missing nutrients that our body would have otherwise absorbed. What we need is the best electric or manual wheatgrass juicer for producing nutritious juices!

So, what is a masticating juicer? Why should you buy this type of juicers? This is because they can grind slowly and chew all the ingredients perfectly. They will produce juices which are high in nutrients as the result of the barrel’s fast spinning. The juice will keep the enzymes which are available in wheatgrass, vegetables and fruits. Regular juicers or blenders only crush the vegetables or fruits, without maintaining the nutrients, within them. The worse thing is that other juicers will produce heat that can destroy live enzymes, which are available within the ingredients. The best wheatgrass juicer has a stable performance which produces less heat. Another advantage that you can take from these type of juicers is that it is very efficient for extracting high amount of juice from very important ingredients like spinach, other green veggies, cabbage and other healthy vegetables.

All of us know that vegetables are not very expensive and they contain vital nutrients, which are essential to the body. This is the reason why we should count on manual juicer or electric masticating juicer which can keep the nutrients alive without making the vegetables crushed uselessly. Some juicers have separate parts to grind several kinds of food or veggies like wheat-grass or herbs. But if we use juicer for wheatgrass, we do not need separated juicers. It means that we can really save our money when we can make the most of this versatile juice. Another important function of manual juicers is that it will not let oxidation take place.

We need time to munch our fruits or vegetables and there will be more oxidation which will occur, if we munch slower. When we expose our food to oxygen too long, it will lose its nutrients and our food is just useless things that enter our digestive system. You really can count on masticating omega juicers because it will not whip up too many air bubbles which result in formation of foamy layer. The layer can absorb oxygen, which will ruin the juice. This is the right time to change your old juicers and start your healthy lifestyle.

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